Our Services

Real Luxury Houses

– Technical advice.

–Administrative consultancy.

–Legal advice.

–Notarial consultancy.

–Building and restoration work.

Services for the buyer

The customer can make use of technicians and legal experts trusted by the Agency ImmobilG.

The professionals in charge will carry out the necessary checks on the legitimacy of urban planning, construction, cadastral and mortgage of the building being sold, all to ensure a secure real estate transaction, which sees its conclusion with the signing of the purchase contract.

Services for the Seller

  • estimate of the property to be sold

  • preparation of photo book

  • description of the property

  • advertising of the property on our website

  • advertising of the property on foreign markets thanks to our collaboration with international partners.

After-sales services for the Client

1) Once the  property has been purchased, the client may entrust the technical offices of the real estate agency with the drafting of the executive building project and all the necessary formalities for the issue, by the competent Municipality for the territory, of the documentation authorising the project.

The technicians will produce the specification of work and the contract with the building company chosen. They will be responsible for the management of the work and for all financial and safety aspects. They will communicate the end of the work, noting any variations during the work, and will be responsible for obtaining the final “certification of viability – habitability” required by law.

2) The ImmobilG agency, thanks to its ten-year experience in the field of building construction, can inform the client of the names of building contractors, to whom to entrust, once the most advantageous cost estimate has been obtained, the implementation of the building project.

 Requirements on the part of the Seller

The seller must :

  • fill in the documentation relating to the processing of personal data;

  • authorise the real estate agency to advertise the sale of the property;

  • Provide the A.P.E.